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We are New !! But don't let that fool you, because even new, our goal is to provide the very best in seasoned firewood for all types of uses. From cooking to fireplace enjoyment, we offer bundled firewood, second to none. We have been producing firewood for personal or business use to our customers for years, but now have decided to branch out to a larger public. That is what is NEW about us.



Our Product

We take great pride in the bundles we produce. From the cutting to the milling right down to the packaging, we work hard to make sure you are getting the very best for your money. Here are some examples:

  • All our bundles are seasoned and sized to fit almost all possible uses. Each one is, 15 long, 91/4 " tall, and 91/2" wide.
  • We provide .75 cubic feet of firewood per bundle, each bundle weighing approximately 30 pounds dry.
  • All our wood is from the hardwood family of fine wood, just right for work or enjoyment.

We have a loading dock for tractor trailers and our pallets just brimming with wood, can be picked up here at our farm as well. In addition for your convenience, we will deliver.



WE look forward to serving you and to "Keeping You Warm". When we say we are WARM and friendly, we mean it....

Thank you for visiting our website.

.......... Cal and Joe Berryhill